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Hedjet is a linens manufacturing and supplying company based in the US, with an Egyptian origin, as an extension to Al Azima Linens for hotel supplies founded in 1995, with a long- proven path of presence in Africa, Europe, USA and MENA region countries, exporting to worldwide hotel chains. Specialized in manufacturing the finest bedding, bath, spa and restaurant linens to the hospitality market with our distinctive quality and finest finishing that meets international standards.

Made in Egypt Since 1995

What’s in the name?

The story of Hedjet goes back to more than 1000 years BC when the King of Upper Egypt wore his white crown, Hedjet, for the first time. The white crown was named Hedjet in honor of the God of fabrics and weaving Hedj-Hotep, who was highly glorified in ancient Egypt owing to the importance of weaving at that time. The term “Hedj” is translated into white, a color that represents purity in ancient Egypt; given its association to priests, Gods, and kings’ apparel. Till this day, Egyptians consider white to be a sign of virtue and purity, and nothing is purer than Egypt’s white cotton flower. Egyptian Cotton is mostly grown in Upper Egypt, which was once symbolized by the Hedjet crown in Ancient Egypt. Its cultivation is associated with many Egyptian festivals and celebrations.


In Hedjet, we make sure that Egypt’s finest cotton flowers are weaved into linens with quality that meets the highest of standards.

It is of great pleasure and honor to welcome you to our reputable company’s website, Hedjet, which is a culmination of profound experience in the field of hotel linens supply. A journey we started since 1995, with a mission of affording superb quality using optimal Egyptian cotton, that has always been admired by our clients over the years and we can only be proud of this, promising our clients and partners to offer a sustainable quality reputation highlighted by an exceptional after-sales service in the US market. Finally, I would like to thank everyone who was a part of this success story and what we stand for today, asking them to keep up their impressive performance under our motto “Royal Egyptian Linen”

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Chairman’s Word

Hadjet Linens

Sustainability & Ethics


The linen fabric used in Hedjet products has been sourced from high grade Egyptian linen. Tested for strength and quality, grown across our lands with the perfect conditions for growing the finest linens which is known to be one of the most luxurious textile fabrics, beloved for its natural softness and durability.


We never use legally banned and regulated substances such as Azo dyes, formaldehyde, phthalates, or any harmful chemicals such as pesticides. 

Ensuring a skin-friendly value and colors that stay on the fabric and are never transmitted to your body. Though, ultimately, the greatest benefit is preserving the planet that we call home for our own generation and for those that follow.


It is also beneficial for you. Linen is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and highly absorbent. Hedjet linens are woven with the newest technologies with a special spinning process that creates extra-long yarn with a luxuriously soft hand superior absorbency and quick drying properties making it stronger, getting better with each use and wash.